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I’ve been wanting to start this log for a long time, but I’ve also been reluctant. There are so many thoughts that I want to share with humanity about what its doing, but there are also so many ways that publicizing thoughts can go wrong. Ultimately, I think the only way for this to work is to lay down a few ground rules up front so that the expectations are clear, and we see how things go.

The Rules of the game:

1. Some of the content will be refined in a flushed-out, well structured, thoroughly considered and exhaustively revised presentation. Some of it will be raw; straight out of the head, stream of consciousness, genuine personal reflection or perspective. The former is my preferred style, the latter is the only way I will be able to keep up with thoughts as they come.

2. Content may be edited, revised, or removed later if deemed desirable. Sometimes the burning thoughts that pour out in wee hours of the morning or night might not be expressed as desired or intended at the moment they are composed.

3. Posts will be inspiration based only- I don’t intend to write on a strictly regularly interval for the sake of having a steady stream for followers. Unfortunately that is just not how I function, and I don’t intend for this to conform to the formal, mainstream formats.

3.b This also means there will likely be long gaps between updates, in part because of time constraints that come and go in the irregular flow of life, and also in part because of the personal desire to be expressive or reflective during given periods.

With that, I say welcome to this outlet of 1SustainableJoe. It is my hope that what you read within will cause you to reflect, feel challenged, learn, and change. This is precisely what I have done, and what I feel the whole of humanity needs to do, and fast.

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