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- The Mission -

1 Sustainable Joe is about education, advocacy, and outreach. It's about engaging with everyone, everywhere, all the time, and focusing on the highest impact, lowest cost initiatives to make as much progress as possible, as soon as possible.


It is well know that there is an "environmental problem" unfolding but the causes, consequences, and severity are categorically never clear. Not surprisingly, there is no apparent need to act, little sense of urgency, and even those interested in taking action are left wondering, "what can I do?". 

With conditions degrading rapidly, this needs to be remedied immediately.


The formula is simple: show people in as clear of terms as possible what the problems are, how severe they are, how we are implicated, and what we must do to remedy them.  This repository of information, insights, and tools is designed to guide anyone from any background through the processes of understanding where we are, why it matters, and what we can do.


Because we are all responsible for the situation we are in, we all have the power and the responsibility to correct it.  No single government authority will be able to remedy the consequences of our collective behaviors and no economy will have any incentive to change its practices unless we drive it to with ours.  Don't believe anyone who says that this is someone else's problem, or that you can't do anything about it.


We can do everything about it.  We can all be one sustainable Joe.

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