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Thanks for stopping by and reaching out.

At 1 Sustainable Joe, we work on a few different fronts. 

To get your message where it needs to go, check out the Back2Earth and 1SJ options below.

Back2Earth Collective Composting Program

Be sure to check out these resources designed to answer as many questions as possible:

If you are not a participant and have a general inquiry not answered above, you can send an email to

If you are a participant and have a question specific to your site:

- You can contact the Site Lead using the email address provided at the compost information area.

- If needed, you can reach program staff by filling out the form below:

Message Back2Earth Staff

Message sent- we will get back to you soon!

1 Sustainable Joe

The mission of 1SJ is sustainability education, advocacy, and outreach everywhere all the time.  If capacity were unlimited I would connect with every single interested person I could about this dire need and ways we can work toward it.  But sadly, it is not.

Nonetheless, I welcome engagement from others who are interested in actively achieving this mission and will always respond to the extent that there is capacity. 
Use the form below to send a message, and thank you for your engagement!

- Joe

Contact 1SJ

Thank you for reaching out!

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