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Starting a New B2E Site


Hosting a site at your property is actually quite simple.  There are only three basic items that the property needs to provide:


A flat, easily accessible area approximately 4 x 10-16 feet with direct access to soil (without pavement, concrete, or gravel) and adequate water drainage for placing the bins. At least partial shade is strongly beneficial.



A supply of carbon-rich materials such as dead leaves and dried trimmings, to be mixed in equal parts with the food waste. These materials can be collected onsite, are most abundant in the fall, and can last over a year.



A formal agreement to ensure that all program terms are clear, all concerns are addressed, the activity is permitted, and that all parties are protected from basic risk.


After that, the amount of involvement is really up to you.

The program is designed to be operated by residents with support from 1 Sustainable Joe so you have no obligations once the site is running. That said staff are absolutely invited to participate and can also sign up for supporting roles!

To get a better understanding of what end-user participation looks like, you can check out the summary on the 'About' page here, or the full details on the 'Participation' page here.

Other Important Points


Pests & Odors

It is a common assumption that these go hand-in-hand with compost. The mistake is that they only occur when the compost is poorly maintained.

B2E directly accounts for both of these by fully enclosing the material, prohibiting meat and dairy, adding carbon-rich materials, immediately covering all additions, and providing training on prevention.



The program requires a minimum of:

5 participating households, 1 site lead, and about 1 turner per 5 participants.

This is not management's responsibility to maintain, but is important to keep in mind that the site may need to be terminated if conditions are not met. If this occurs, 1SJ will notify you and the participants, allow 30 days for correction, then provide a final notice and collect the equipment from the grounds. 

Finished Compost.png


It is important to note that the program does not include relocation or distribution of any active or finished compost. The process does naturally reduce material volume by 50 - 75%, but the rest will still need a home. The best application will likely be to incorporate it into the grounds landscaping, but the pilot program will help shed light on the actual volumes to expect and will work to facilitate putting it to good use.


Complete the form below to submit a request to become a Participating Site*.

New Site Interest Form

Property Details

Contact Details

Thank you! We're excited about your interest and will get in touch with you soon to discuss the details. Thanks! - Joe

*Important New-Site Considerations

​Submitting a request does not assure participation:

  • Property grounds must meet program requirements

  • Participant minimums must be met

​In Addition, the following 2023 pilot conditions will apply:

  • The number and rate of new sites launched will be intentionally limited to ensure program success. If new site requests are abundant, consideration may only be possible after the initial pilot sites have been established.

  • The number of participants at a given site may be limited if growth exceeds program capacity. If this occurs, new applicants will be informed of the hold and will be notified when sign ups can resume.

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