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Time for Transformative Change

This rich, vibrant planet is suffering severely from the impacts of human activity.

What we really need is to re-work our current version of modern society to a sustainable one, but we can't wait for that. What we can do immediately is triage; pare down our personal impacts while we work through the transition.

Here are the simplest, highest impact things you can do to start changing right now:

#1 Use Less Everything

All energy and materials come at a cost, even if it doesn't show up in the dollar amount that you pay.

Every piece of paper is a logging company, a saw mill, a paper plant, packaging, a distribution system, a printing company, and a waste hauler. 

#2 Waste No Food

Modern agriculture and the food industry are the most destructive components of modern human activity.


Conventional growing methods cause pollution, freshwater depletion, and topsoil loss and even organic practices result in habitat and biodiversity loss when done on a large scale.

Every bite of food not consumed is all of these damages done in vain.

#3 Compost

Organic matter is the source of nutrients for new life, including what passes through your kitchen and across your plate.


Throwing it in a trash can condemns it either to a toxic landfill or an energy wasting incinerator when all it needs to do is sit outside to decompose and become a source of healthy soil.

#4 Advocate

Talk about it with friends, family, & strangers. Write local authorities & state representatives. Engage with everyone you can everywhere you can.

The more people know, the more they can contribute to a viable future.

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