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What is it?

Back2Earth is a collective composting program for Monroe County, Indiana.

It provides residents of housing properties like apartments, townhouses, and condominiums all of the equipment, training, and support needed to collectively manage their food waste directly on their property by composting.

At its core, it is a sustainability initiative.  It is a way to manage our resources in a simple, responsible, and logical way.  A way we can change our impact.

Instead of this and this


We'll use this and this


much as we can.

How does it work?

The Short version:

Clipboard Gray.png

To start, everyone who would like to participate at a given property must sign up, and property managers must provide permission and a small space for the process. 

Training Pitchfork.png

Once everyone is onboard, the equipment is set up, the site is launched, and training and at-home guides are provided by 1 Sustainable Joe.  


From there, participants follow guides to sort their waste, add it to the compost area, and a few participants will need to sign up to help maintain the composting process.


1SJ will provide support for one year through monthly site visits and fielding questions by phone and email, then be available on an as-needed consulting bases thereafter.

Finished Compost.png

Finally, when the compost is finished, it's yours to use! Residents can use it in potters or community garden plots, and property grounds can use it in landscaping.

A 2023 Pilot

To provide you with everything you need to set the new standard for lower impact, responsible living, The City of Bloomington and the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District have teamed up to fund a pilot for up to 6 sites in the County.

1 Sustainable Joe will be seeking out candidate properties to participate in this 6-site pilot that meet ideal size and engagement criteria. Once a property agrees to participate, residents will be contacted and provided the opportunity to sign up and potentially launch a new site.

During this time Residents, Property Managers, and 1 Sustainable Joe will work together to implement the program and evaluate its operation. As a result, new site setups will be selective and staggered to ensure the pilot program's success.


If you are a property manager or a resident and believe your property would be a good fit for the program, you can check out the Sign-Up/Participate section to learn more about the details and submit a request to participate.

If you're not quite convinced, or just curious, try checking out the Why Compost? section for the context that surrounds its impact and importance.

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