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On the morning of October 23, 2019, my life took a turn. It was a long time in the making, but if I had to point to a single moment when the transition happened, this is it. I journaled my thoughts in that moment and titled it "Saving the World". I've only re-read it a couple of times since but I think its fitting to set the tone of the log and begin the series.

Its 4:30am on Wednesday, October 23.

I’ve been up for an hour already and my mind is racing with the horror of a dying planet. This is not the first time.

a week ago I was in Houghton, visitng tech and genreally enjoyting myself.

three days ago a had a complete breakdown because for the three days prior nothing I ate sustatined me correcly or was of any nutritional value. I went to a meijer grovery store to try to find to find something to get me out of this spiral, coudl’tn find a single product that wasn’t shit.

Two days ago I at almost nothing all day because I had no appetite

I read Stephen Emmott’s 10 billion.

I am sick to death of all data pointing to an impending global catastrophy that we are solely responsibel for creating and all gulity of accelerating daily, yet are competely unwilling to acknowledge or change anything in our lifesyles to prevent.

I will not be responsible for the end of life on earth as or the destruction of bio-diversity, nor will I sit idly while others do.

Its time to become an activist

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