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The Future of Compost is Back2Earth


The Future is in your hands.

Imagine a future where 25% of your waste isn't hauled to a landfill. 
Imagine that through a revolutionary
process it is transformed into a valuable product.
Imagine that this new product can filter water
 and give life to vegetation.
Imagine that you have the power
to perform this process.

Imagine no longer.

The future is now.

The future is Back2Earth Collective Composting.


Welcome to a new kind of sustainability.


Food waste makes up nearly 25% of thmunicipal solid waste landfilled in the US every year and is the single largest category of material.

Back2Earth delivers you the tools and knowledge you need to reduce your impact in a big way with little effort, right where you live.

to learn more about the program and how you might be able to participate.

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